My Minion!

2013-07-25 21:36:30 by nandobentzen

This artwork took me about 3 hours. That was a really great time and so much fun. :)

Also, I made a Speed Painting of this artwork. It's really nice! :)

My Minion!

I'm happy with my first character painting! :)

I spent almost 2 days, (drawing 2 hours per day).

I really liked it but I'm still improving.

Sometimes we just need a hug!

I just bought a Wacom Tablet. This is my first drawing with that. :)

I know it had to have a stronger contour line. But I found it fine for my first drawing on a tablet. I never had one before. I'm still getting used to that. It's weird drawing on a tablet and it appears on the screen. But it will be fine.

It will be easier by the time. I will keep practicing and improving. :)

Nando Bentzen

My first drawing with a tablet